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Duncan is the Chef, and co-founder of EAT.GIFT.LOVE.


He is apart of Le Cor de Franc, receiving his Masters in Culinary Arts and a minor in International Business at The University of Strath-Clyde in Glasgow, Scotland. After graduating culinary school, he opened his first business, an All-American Café in Scotland. Bringing together his two worlds- born in Scotland but raised in The United States- it was a café to celebrate his American culture in his homeland. After reaching success with his Café Americano, he made the decision to sell and moved back to America. When returning to Jacksonville, FL where he was raised, he right away ventured into the culinary scene, into food trucks, a catering company, Saucy Taco and a consulting company called One Up.


“I grew up traveling the world with my father who was a very successful business man. He took me every summer with him to Europe where I was exposed to the most lavish, fine Michelin star cuisine, in the world. I fell in love with the food and knew then that I wanted to be able to create that same caliber of food for everyone to experience. My food is now in three different countries and people from around the world have experienced my recipes, my plating and my food. That is what brings me the most joy, it is apart of who I am, it reflects my soul and my beliefs.”

The company name EAT.GIFT.LOVE is a celebration of love, a moment in life where a restaurant brought together two people, without that they may have never met. Through that experience came the lesson of appreciating everything, including the food we consume, as a gift because it truly is. Food is what gives us the nutrients we need to survive and be healthy. “You are what you eat.” Food brings people together for celebration, happiness and gratitude. We believe in saying prayer before every meal to give thanks for the abundance in our lives and the countless blessings we have every day.