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This quote by Thich Nhat Hanh, is the single most profound quote I ever read as it is the core of my being. I always find myself referring back to this in my times of doubt, of worry and uncertainty. I am who I am because of the mother that is inside of me and the father. It’s where my suffering resides from and as I’ve grown through this life it’s always acted as my primary actions and behaviors. I was going through life knowing that this part of my life was where trauma began and behaviors developed but I was so young at the age it began that I had all these feelings inside of me and I had absolutely no idea what they meant, or how to manage them.  We are taught all these things from a million sources, starting with our parents, but from even them they were developed through the same things… old tales, stories of others, religions, beliefs, media, social media now. But the question to ask is, “were the sources we learned from pure, loving, true meanings of what feelings are, what love is, what life is about? or are they false projections that have been placed in the minds and carried on?”

All these questions began my journey to understanding; I found answers through my own sources, my own self-will and I personally have grown to understand that we have a higher power. When we chose to live with our conscious open we allow ourselves to be blessed with the gifts of this life that are there for us at all times. They are those ‘coincidences’ (which I believe there are none), that we think because it is so meant to be in that moment, it must be unreal. But it’s as real as you and me; that is your ‘angel(s)’, ‘god(s)’, ancestors, and all other beings loving you from above and wishing the absolute best for you with the hope that you will reach out to them when you need help because they are there and they always will be.


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