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It seems many people have the same response to finding love when they are older. Their response is that they once did believe in the magic of love, that at one time they considered themselves to be hopeless romantics. However, as they grew older they found that ‘it is difficult to find the one, that there isn’t the same magic anymore.’ One particular woman’s response is the perfect example. She said, “Being a hopeless romantic is a great feeling and I had it for years. Perhaps as one ages it sort-of gets lost in the years.”

My first thought to that is, do you think that happens because over the years we have slowly built up a wall of fear blocking us from fully accepting love because we are afraid of getting hurt in all the ways we have in the past? Or we put a belief in our minds that we will never find that person we desire, that they don’t exist.

This applies not just with love but with life in general. We place these thoughts and beliefs in our mind that come from false, negative emotions which we have collected over the years of our lives. Many of these thoughts and beliefs have stemmed from situations we have encountered which left us broken and hurt. Our first response is to put up a guard and make sure that we never experience those same circumstances again. This seems logical right, to protect ourselves? But it’s wrong because all you are doing is making yourself afraid of love, and of life really. The fear you are holding onto is blocking you from experiencing love and life to the fullest. If what you think is that you will never find ‘the one’, that they do not exist and you are sure of this, then you are right. You won’t find that one person who completes you, because you are not even open to the thought of it, therefor it does not exist.

Life is all about the law of attraction. If you are constantly focusing on the negative, then you will continue to attract negativity into your life. However, you can change everything by simply choosing to change your thinking. By letting go of any fear you may have in any given situation, you open yourself up to allowing an abundance of positivity, joy and love into your life. You will start to notice that things you would have never thought possible appear in your life without you even asking for it. Just by focusing on the positive in every situation, especially that of love, you will see that there is always more to love. Although all the past relationships you have had did not work out, it brought the awareness to you of what you are not looking for in a partner. It didn’t work with them because they were there for a REASON. To learn from and to guide and support you during that time. But all of those individuals were a part of your life in some form and are to be grateful for.

One simple thing I can ask each and every one of you to do is instead of focusing on all of the reasons why every relationship you ever had didn’t work, all the bad things that you feel it brought to your life. Think back on all the good times you had with each one of them and appreciate those moments. Have gratitude for the simple fact that although it did not work out, you saw something in each other. Felt something special for one another, opened up in your own ways and shared love. I have learned the best thing you can do is have appreciation for everyone who has ever been a part of your life and for all those you have not yet met. Cherish every moment for what it is, and always chose to be happy, having gratitude for your life.

                                                                                                                                                                  Xx Scripted Romance

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