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With 3.5 billion fans across the globe, football, or the “Beautiful Game”, remains the world’s most popular sport. FIFA 2018 is here. Clearly, there is a lower mean IQ for those who follow sports news. Why The Green Bay Packers' 800th Total Win (NFL Playoffs Only) In 2020 Cementing It's Legacy As The Winningest Franchise In NFL History. If you’re a fan of one of the low-ranked teams, you’re surely seething. Examples abound. B ernhardt may have opened the door on an important physiological dimension of fan behavior, but a broad conceptual framework explaining the human compulsion to watch other people play games—a condition that affects approximately 60 percent of Americans—was already coming into focus. Sure, … Your idiocy doesn't end there. When are you going to realise that when your favourite club isn't counting your cash, it's laughing at you? Yelling at their TV's. Actually, I think people who watch football have way too … If a referee makes a dubious decision against your team, he's a wanker or a cheat. One of the 10 or 11 teams who graze in mid-table will surprise us, but the rest won't. NFL Player IQ by Position Played Many Man United fans don't remember the first two seasons Fergie took over. I do not own or profit from this content, it's strictly for entertainment purposes only. And if a journalist writes something you disagree with, he carries a vendetta. I said: Are you ready? I think you're right....I fit the mold of what you are describing. Anonymous. Or is there some other explanation? Cartoonist's widow addresses 'Charlie Brown' controversy, GOP congressman-elect calls pandemic 'phony', Behold the year's most insane college football interception, 1 missing element foiled Trump's Texas SCOTUS case. I just don't understand this. Or, to rephrase that sentence using less incendiary language: when it comes to football, intelligent people act stupid. Take the transfer gossip pages with a pinch of salt (trust me, most of it really is made up) and certainly don't bother frittering your money on pointless pre-season friendlies or the Intertoto Cup (you never know, Uefa might eventually get the message). So many football fans seem like idiots the way they support their team. It's often said that those who "play" football have the low IQ's. There have been increasing calls for standing sections to be reintroduced into British football from organisations such as the Football Supporters Federation. With the right transfer budget and assistance for the first season or two, i think he could do amazing things with United. Is it simply a matter of low intelligence on average? Sadly, it's not reciprocated. The atmosphere's become rubbish too. It's not good for English football that we now have a three-teams-can-win-it Premiership. It’s the football (soccer) season, and everyone is catching football fever, including programmers and Artificial intelligence enthusiasts, who may or may not be fans of the game. "Are football fans mostly just of low intelligence, and that's why they act like wild baboons? Christian Tupou is a student-athlete. Football that's sharper and sexier than a decade ago? The truth is, you probably only leave your seat only when a goal is scored, five minutes before half-time (to go to the toilet and scoff down a congealed pie in four bites or less) and, 10 minutes before the end "to beat the traffic". Simply put, you love your club, and believe that - on some level - there's a bond between you, the players and your team. There's the season ticket, the third alternative away strip, the premium rate text service to keep you abreast of your reserve striker's groin injury, etc and so on. And at least one newly-promoted side will go straight back down. And if your rival ranks ahead of you (we see you, non-Dallas NFC East fans), you’re probably furious as well. Radiohead, U2 and Bob Dylan all have intelligent fans, he said. So, here's a plan of sorts. Even if the game was dire, the chants and terrace witticisms would turn it into a spectacle of sorts - albeit one where hooliganism was rife. "I was reminded of a conversation I'd had with John Salako. Aristocracy of the sport wear some of the most recognisable faces on the planet, but considering the majority are better known for their silky skills rather than their intelligence, it’s not particularly surprising many struggle to see them as our best and brightest. However new research has shown that elite soccer (football) players have superior ‘game intelligence’ that involves problem solving, making quick decisions, creativity, and developing strategies. You get to the ground at 2.50pm, just in time to hear a local radio DJ induce a faux-atmosphere by shouting: "Are you ready? Football fans have to be kept sober and segregated because of the high retard quotient. The fact that they'd switch employers for a 200% pay rise without a millisecond's thought seems lost on them. The vagaries of our team’s fortunes affect us much more than we think and can have many unfortunate consequences. Or that TV money is more unequally distributed than ever. Get your answers by asking now. They get things out of proportion. Here's what will happen in the Premiership this season: Chelsea, or Arsenal or Manchester United, will win the title. 'Fans,' he said, 'most of them are sad. So why do most go absolutely wild like maniacs when their team wins, and practically riot and get so angry when their team looses. Nothing more. He plays football, and more specifically he plays defensive tackle. Are football fans mostly just of low intelligence, and that's why they act like wild baboons? Despite having the most arrests with 175, they also have 50,517 fans in attendance on an average matchday. Seriously time to stop being the shy quiet person who kept to themselves back then, time for you to experience the world around you. And yes, that probably includes you. Yet i think David Moyes is a great manager, consistent, proven in the Premier League. Football, as 'creative' advertising types never tire of telling us, is like a religion. But it has become an increasingly ugly mix of Thatcherite greed and Gradgrindian inequality. Other sports fans such as golf fans can also intelligently watch their game in a well behaved manner. Man up sport. However the crowd can be a wonderful thing and if they are on your side you can thrive on their support and your performance can improve and in turn affect the outcome of a match. You've been successfully added to the Marginal Revolution email subscription list. Newcastle fans have been served more banning orders than any other club in the UK, receiving 111 orders, which is actually a decrease on the 124 … Indeed, out of those who did follow sports, some 25.4% had lower IQ's (90-), 45.7% median IQ's (91-110) and 28.9% higher IQ's (111+), versus, respectively, 15.6%, 47.2% and 37.2% among those who did not follow sports news. "Most fans buy it every single time," he chuckles. Overall reach for sports on TV hasn’t declined; ratings have dropped because fans are watching fewer and shorter sessions. In short, it's not necessarily a given that football will become more soulless and uncompetitive with every passing year. ", i guess you dont like football, lets leave it at that. After all, no one ever changed the world by sitting on their capacious backside, eating a pork pie and shouting beetroot-face abuse at Wayne Rooney, did they? But each May, most fans' response is thuddingly predictable: a moan, a brief moment of contemplation, and then a question - do you take Visa or MasterCard? Instead, get out more. Ditto trust-owned Chesterfield, which has gone from £2m in debt to break even, with the highest gates in 24 seasons. Or, to rephrase that sentence using less incendiary language: when it comes to football, intelligent people act stupid. I love football, but at rugby matches you can have a pint and sit with opposing fans. Myself, I can enjoy the qualities of any team, and it doesn't matter who wins, I can intelligently enjoy the game which takes place, without even the need for favorites. Getting overly excited. By evaluation I mean the chopping block. have had Patriots season tickets since 2001 the year I stopped playing organized ball. The truth is usually more prosaic: the hack's verdict is just one opinion in a game awash with them. If you think a Sky Sports subscription is too expensive, watch the games in the pub. Yeah, in our opinion (being Man Utd fans) he is the best manager football has ever had. Millennials versus Generation X: The wrong way to segment sports fans Like sheep, the crowd responds, sings one song, and then settles back into silence. 2. Yes, if you support the big four. If it's the latter, you perhaps reckon football has always been this predictable ("Didn't Liverpool win everything in the 80s? Go to a match 15 or more years ago, and by 2.30pm the terraces would reverberate with a Spector-esque wall of sound. Most fans were rightly appalled by how the FA allowed Wimbledon move to Milton Keynes - but how many protested? "), but the facts don't back that up. In the NFL it’s even called “Black Monday” because of the inevitable firings that … oh u dont have one, cause your a stupid offending idiot who probably does not watch football. This means that only 0.35 percent of the spectators on a matchday have … Or is there some other explanation? i feel like this is more of an culture thing that we adapted to, yes i agree, it does look like ppl have no class when they do it but just footbal in the us l is and always been the most popular so ofcourse theres always going to be drunk fans, but tv has made football even more popular. "He may look like an idiot and talk like an idiot but don't let that fool you. Football fans are idiots. Behavioural economics can now be used to chart this phenomenon and its knock-on consequences. Ohh, and my friend I have season tickets with is the executive vice president of a global asset management solutions company. Whenever England play we have an opportunity to analyse, critique and bemoan our standing in the world of football. There are some.. Anatomy of a modern football fan: The evolving trends and tastes of the Premier League's global following Frank Dalleres The cult of individual players … He really is an idiot" - Groucho Marx. Whenever a star player leaves for a big club and more money, fans swarm onto Sky Sports News or the local radio, each spitting "betrayal" with Paisleyesque venom. Arsenal might just be able to justify charging £1,825, the most expensive season ticket in the Premiership, by citing market forces - but how can Millwall get away with asking £29 to watch their match with Sheffield Wednesday? I don't know. Favorite Answer. Players hate fans.'". He starts by discussing the crucial role of game intelligence. "While the pros are polite to supporters, they think them fools," wrote Rick Gekoski in his excellent book on Coventry's 1997-98 season, A Fan Behind The Scenes In The Premiership. The combination of these simple traits traps USC’s Tupou in … They're passionate about their favorite team. Football fans prefer to revel in their "hardcore" commitment. Why? Now I sit at a desk in a finance company working with extremely high net worth individuals, own a home, wife, two kids, ohhh, and I am the founder and president of a non profit organization. So get involved. These days at home matches, what usually happens? Become smarter and less compliant. Fans of Beyonce, Timberlake and Jay-Z all tended to score below 1,000 on SAT scores, with the average being a … And you pay £20, £30 or £40 for this? You'd follow them everywhere, perhaps even fight for them. Ten years ago, for instance, Manchester City would have built their team around Shaun-Wright Phillips. They wouldn't stand for it on the continent. I think that the Steelers have simultaneously the smartest and stupidest fan base at the same time. They talk about their team all season long, like their life revolves around their default favorite. Some fans will accept all the above, but defend themselves with the greatest idiocy of all. de la cr? Or Bristol Rovers with demanding £415 for a League Two season ticket? Off late, football clubs are stepping foot into the world of digitization and want to enrich their fans’ experience by using artificial intelligence and machine learning. But elsewhere the standard has dipped, simply because of the top clubs' spending power. After a poor World Cup in which we showed naivety and a lack of quality both in attack and defence we have had to sit back and have a moment of existential debate. I don't think throwing one's remote and being angry qualifies as "rioting". I've never once felt the need to go crazy and scream my head off and act like a retarded wild animal. Sean Ingle is the sports editor of Guardian Unlimited. Emotional intelligence, leadership, and football. The trouble is, there are just seven clubs in the country owned by supporters' trusts - while only 23 trusts have elected directors on the board. Mutual trusts need to become the norm, not the exception, and that needs fans to get stuck in. They think the game is more important than it is, it says something about the miserable kind of lives they must lead. How do offensive lineman deal with doing all the hard dirty work, and never getting any credit for it? Football, for all its faults, is still the best sport in the world. It won't be easy for the next manager to walk into the job. Cue smiles in boardrooms across the land. But thats beside the point. I get pretty passionate when watching games. It's a shock and will be in the mindset that no manager is good enough. It needs to be taken down a peg - and supporters are the best ones to do it. It has become imperative to provide a one stop destination for fans to access live matches and scores, live … The crowd can be a scary thing and affect your performance negatively if they are against you. And that's not all you buy. I know one agent who tells his players, who mostly play in the lower leagues, to kiss the badge when they first score for their new club. Or something else? whats your favorite team? Still coddling the ole nut sack, time for your Momma to cut you off. Come on. in today’s football world. To see how the fans responded to this article, click here. Start by refusing to become a slave to football's pointless merry-go-round every summer. Or just thinking: 'Yeah, and?'. In this article I discuss the concept of Game Intelligence and review the research that has been conducted in Soccer and other games. Just look at Lincoln, where supporters were involved in part of a community buy-out in 2001 - attendances are up and so are profits. Indeed, Mayer & Salovey (1990) suggest that people who exhibit higher levels of emotional intelligence are more likely to control their emotions and regulate these appropriately in order to support others. Football is a truly global sport. No really, why? Sadly, intelligent, measured comment from fans - always a sickly child - is now on its deathbed. A cheap ticket for Borussia Dortmund costs under £10, Roma just £15, and a Real Madrid season ticket is a bargain £200. of football talk shows, is now a starchy mix of the vain, inane and the ignorant. I am a former high school, collegiate and minor league football player. You're not one yourself, so that explains why you don't get it. That's not to say intelligent, hard-working and crusading football fans don't exist. For you take more interest in pre-season friendlies - games which are, without exception, about as meaningful as Gazza's comedy breasts - than the growing inequality between football's haves and have-nots and what to do about it. But the game needs your help. 1. The fans of one team, the "in-group" will deprecate the fans of the other team, the "outgroup." So what do you get for your over-priced match ticket? The title sums it up. This is the closest test of the "braindead couch potato" hypothesis regarding sports fans. When it's the club up the road, you merely shrug your shoulders. And yes, that probably includes you. The things that we tend to associate with intelligent footballers could simply be their intellect allowing them to better acquire the specific attributes and skills needed to succeed. It is well known that football outcomes can affect absenteeism at work, drunkenness, and civil disorder. It used to be that if you lost less than seven games you'd win the league - but since Boxing Day 2002, when Manchester United lost to Middlesbrough, the eventual Premiership winners have lost just one league game between them (Chelsea's 1-0 defeat at Manchester City) in 95 matches. Studies have shown that children with high IQs are more likely to struggle with alcohol abuse – and a 2012 study in Annals of Epidemiology found that high IQ … Earlier this year, there was a lot of buzz about robots playing football. It says it all when Radio Five Live's 606, once the cr? 9 years ago. Also, I don't understand how you could question intelligence, but misspell the word "loses" just the sentence prior. Does the Dallas Cowboys' REPUGNANT season to the tune of a 3-9 record so far reflect just how GOOD/VALUABLE Dak Prescott is ? Football is pricier, more uncompetitive and less atmospheric than ever. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. Oil prices and company directors' pay-rises apart, few things in life are consistently more inflation-busting than season ticket price-hikes. In addition, top division footballers outperformed lower division ones and footballers as a whole were in the top two percentile for the population by this measure. Yelling at the top of their lungs at stadiums, intentionally trying to be as loud and rowdy as possible, etc. Fans stand up for themselves more in mainland Europe; in England they just roll over. No but all American Football section trolls do. And with any luck, football's imperialism - an imperialism which dictates that gossip about a rich player going from one rich club to another is the most important story in the sporting world - might start to crumble. If you believe fans should be allowed to stand again, join http://www.safestanding.com/safe/index.php or organise a national standing day - let's see the stewards try to stop thousands of you. In a world with so many sports options across so many screens, sports fans of all ages are clicking away from low-stakes or lopsided games. Or - as Lord Burns recently pointed out - that the Premiership clubs have undue influence with the Football Association. There was no publicised intelligence about any threat to the safety of football fans visiting the venue for the Group E fixture at Stade de France. Football fans are idiots. Some of the popular football clubs like Manchester United and Real Madrid have over 4 to 6 million fans worldwide. That is, when prices go up, demand dips only slightly. Even if a match is shunted to some unholy hour to accommodate Sky, you think nothing of travelling hundreds of miles to sit in a stadium with all the atmosphere of a wake, to show loyalty to your club.

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