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I had a conversation with a friend of mine about this. He asked me, “What exactly is a hopeless romantic; is that what you are?” Right away I answered, Yes. But I didn’t quite have an answer for him… a definition of sorts. But I looked it up and found one, on, that I believe sums it up perfectly (with a little humor).

Then the question came up, “Do people who are hopeless romantics have a false idea of what love is?  Are they blind to the truth and only seeing love as this perfect, every moment is magical, kind of love?”

My answer is no… but yes. Some women and men in general, do have false pretenses of what love is and what a relationship should look like. They seek the wrong kind of love and attention; therefor, leaving them thinking or searching for this ‘perfect’ relationship; which doesn’t exist. I find that the people who will sit there and tell you, “My relationship is just perfect; we never fight, everyday is amazing and I am so lucky to have found that person who fits every need and want I could ever have…” They are usually the relationship with the most problems; because they are either in denial or they are too afraid to face the truth.

On a daily basis we encounter different circumstances, that a lot of the time we carry with us. Then when we finally get home in our comfort zone, we vent. When in a relationship, we tend to take our emotions out on that person. This alone, along with numerous other things, effects our love. Love can be challenging but it can also be simple; it just takes time, patience, care, and respect. It’s worth it, love can change everything, but we must keep a realistic view of it. Think of it this way, how boring would life be if it were just peachy-perfect every second? We need the struggles, for those are the real tests. It’s what proves how far we are willing to go; the passion we have, and the fight to make love last.

It just makes you think, to ask yourself: “How do I love? How do I want to be loved? What are the qualities I seek in another, and are my desires realistic?”

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